CREDO SYSTEMZ,  a leading MS Project Training provider in India offering a Best-In-Class MS Project Training in Chennai for all engineering professionals and college students. The MS project training course content provided below covers complete features of Microsoft project along with important project management concepts. Our Microsoft Project training course content focus on all present industrial needs and wants. Topics mentioned below of our MS project course content will be explained with work cases and examples.

MS Project Training


Chapters Topics of MS Project Training
1 Introduction to Project Management & Concepts
2 Introduction to Microsoft Project

  • Explore the Project user interface
  • Manage files and set options in the Backstage view
  • Work with schedule details in views
3 Setup a New Plan

  • Create a new plan and set its start date
  • Set nonworking days in the project calendar
  • Enter the plan title and other properties
4 Build a task list

  • Create tasks
  • Enter task durations and dates
  • Enter milestone tasks
  • Create summary tasks to outline the plan
  • Link tasks to create dependencies
  • Switch task scheduling from manual to automatic
5 Set up resources

  • Set up work resources
  • Enter the maximum capacity for work resources
  • Enter work resource pay rates
  • Adjust working time in a resource calendar
  • Set up cost resources
6 Assign resources to tasks

  • Assign work resources to tasks
  • Control work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assign cost resources to tasks
7 Formatting and sharing a plan

  • Customize a Gantt chart view
  • Add tasks to a Timeline view
  • Customize reports
  • Copy views and reports
  • Print views and reports
8 Tracking progress

  • Understand progress tracking
  • Save a baseline of your plan
  • Track a plan as scheduled
  • Enter a task’s completion percentage
  • Enter actual values for tasks
  • Update a baseline
  • Track actual and remaining work for tasks and assignments
9 Fine-tuning

  • Adjust task link relationships
  • Control task scheduling by using constraints
  • Adjust working time for individual tasks
  • Control task scheduling by using task types
  • Enter deadline dates
  • Create and assign material resources
  • Examine resource allocations over time
  • Resolve resource overallocations manually
10 View and report project status

  • Examine a plan’s variance
  • Identify tasks that have slipped
  • Examine task costs
  • Examine resource costs

MSP Training Course Content | Microsoft Project Training Course Content

The MS Project training in Chennai will be conduct on Live Industrial scenario basis, so the candidates can observe how the exact project plan are being made. Exercises in MSP training covers the present need of the construction industries.